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World News: Cyclist shot, bikes for Africa, and PETA

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If you shoot a cyclist in the head, how many days in jail are you looking at in North Carolina? 120 days. This is outrageous!

In Africa, a bicycle is not just a bicycle. It can be used as a school bus, a water van, and even an ambulance.  Cadbury (a chocolate company apparently) is donating 5000 bicycles to Ghana, Africa. Really cool 1 minute Youtube video.

And count on PETA to make a fuss about Thanksgiving.

In personal news: On the 30th of this month I get my first paycheck. It won’t be anything grand, but, it is a start for my savings (and better eating — hopefully).


Written by latierraybicicleta

November 26, 2009 at 12:15 am