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News from Paraguay: Soy farmers spray indigenous communities with pesticide

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Armed with only bows and arrows to protect their land from soy crop farmers, they were quickly sprayed with aerial pesticide from planes in an effort to evict an indigenous community in Paraguay. This makes me sick!  Read the full article here.  Paraguay is the world’s #4 soybean exporter.  The problem with Paraguay is that the large landowners (and companies) are mostly foreign — and hence have no interest in the well-being of the people who actually live there.  Their soybean production causes significant damage environmentally, socially, and economically. The genetically modified soy crops are heavily sprayed with fertilizers and pesticides which wreak havoc on the land and water. Large scale soy operations have also displaced small farmers, increasing the economic suffering in a country of only 6 million.

Why is soy so important? The soy industry has stepped up production because the demand for cattle-feed and biofuels has increased.  I don’t have an educated opinion (yet) about biofuels — but from the little I have gathered thus far — there isn’t much of an environmental benefit compared to petrolatum. It’s truly depressing that in this world we can stuff our faces with cheap hamburgers from cows that were fattened up on cheap (subsidized) soy and corn grown half way around the globe at the expense of human rights.

More information

[1] GMO Soy Growers commit Massacre in Paraguay

[2] Campesinos harán movilización para castigar a responsables de asesinato

[3] Soy cultivation spells doom for Paraguayan campesinos

More than 24 million liters of toxic agrochemicals are employed in Paraguay every year, causing deformations, health problems — even death — and environmental damage. But Paraguayan lawmakers ignored this fact when they approved a farming chemical regulation law on May 22, which will still allow these toxic chemicals to be used. (Full Article).

Pop Quiz: Where does Paraguay get its genetically modified soy beans? Answer: Monsanto.


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November 21, 2009 at 1:27 am

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